Yugoslav People's Army ranks

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This article features the rank insignia and system used by the Yugoslav People's Army.

Ranks from 1955 onward

This table shows the rank structure in use by Yugoslav People's Army before breakup of Yugoslavia, in use from 1954 to 1991/1992.

Category Ground Forces ranks Air Force ranks Navy Ranks
Supreme Armed Forces Commander
Marsal Jugoslavije.png

Marshal of Yugoslavia1
(Maršal Jugoslavije - Маршал Југославије)

Deputy Supreme Armed Forces Commander
(General - Генерал)
Supreme Officers
General Officers
General of the Army
(General Armije)

Admiral of the Fleet
(Admiral Flote)

Colonel General

Colonel General of aviation
(General-pukovnik avijacije)

Lieutenant Colonel General

Lieutenant Colonel General of aviation
(General-potpukovnik avijacije)
Vice Admiral

Major General

Major General of aviation
(General-major avijacije)
Rear Admiral

Senior Officers
Field Grade Officers

Colonel of aviation
(Pukovnik avijacije)
Ship-of-the-line Captain
(Kapetan Bojnog Broda)

Lieutenant Colonel

Lieutenant Colonel of aviation
(Potpukovnik avijacije)
Frigate Captain
(Kapetan fregate)


Major of aviation
(Major avijacije)
Corvette Captain
(Kapetan Korvete)

Junior Officers
Company Grade Officers
Captain 1st class
(Kapetan 1. klase)

Captain 1st class of aviation
(Kapetan 1. klase avijacije)
First Lieutenant
(Poručnik bojnog broda)


Captain of aviation
(Kapetan avijacije)
Frigate Lieutenant
(Poručnik Fregate)

First Lieutenant

First Lieutenant of aviation
(Poručnik avijacije)
(Poručnik korvete)

Second Lieutenant

Second Lieutenant of aviation
(Potporučnik avijacije)

Master non-commissioned officers
Warrant Officer, 1st class
(Zastavnik 1. klase)

Warrant Officer, 1st class of aviation
(Zastavnik 1. klase avijacije)
Warrant Officer, 1st class
(Zastavnik 1. klase)

Warrant Officer

Warrant Officer of aviation
(Zastavnik avijacje)
Warrant Officer

Staff Sergeant 1st class
(Stariji vodnik 1. klase)

Staff Sergeant 1st class of aviation
(Stariji vodnik 1. klase avijacije)
Senior Chief Petty Officer
(Stariji vodnik 1. klase)

Staff Sergeant
(Stariji vodnik)

Staff Sergeant of aviation
(Stariji vodnik avijacije)
Chief Petty Officer
(Stariji vodnik)

Sergeant First Class
(Vodnik 1. klase)

Sergeant First Class of aviation
(Vodnik 1. klase avijacije)
Petty Officer 1st Class
(Vodnik 1. klase)


Sergeant of aviation
(Vodnik avijacije)
Petty Officer 2nd Class

Mladji vodnik kov jna.gif

Junior Sergeant
(Mlađi vodnik)
Junior Sergeantof aviation
(Mlađi vodnik avijacije)
Petty Officer 3rd Class
(Mlađi vodnik )


Corporalof aviation
(Desetar avijacije)
Leading Seaman

Private, 1st class

Private, 1st class of aviation
(Razvodnik avijacije)
Seaman 1st class

1 Marshal of Yugoslavia (Marshal) - Maršal of Yugoslavia was an honorary title of the Supreme Commander of Armed Forces and not a military rank. The first and the only one was given to Josip Broz Tito, who (beside the title of Maršal and Supreme Commander), also held the lifelong function of the President of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the leader of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia.

2 General - was highest military rank for deputy supreme commander. Ivan Gošnjak, while serving as a defence minister and deputy supreme commander of SFRY with a rank of General of the Army - 4 star, was considered for promotion in to this rank, no officers were promoted to this rank.

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