Yuri Alexandrovich Orlov

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Yuri Alexandrovich Orlov
File:Orlov Yu A.jpg
Yu. Orlov, 1950th
Born 12 June 1893
Tomyshevo village, Simbirsk Governorate, Russian Empire
Died 2 October 1966(1966-10-02) (aged 73)
Moscow, USSR
Nationality Russian
Fields Paleontology, zoology
Institutions Perm State University, Moscow State University, Paleontological Institute, The Academy of Sciences of the USSR
Alma mater Petrograd State University
Doctoral advisor A.A. Zavarzin
Notable awards Order of Lenin
Order of the Red Banner of Labour
Lenin Prize

Yuri Alexandrovich Orlov (Yurij, Juriy, Jurii) (Russian: Ю́рий Алекса́ндрович Орло́в; June 12, 1893 — October 2, 1966[1]) — Russian and Soviet zoologist, paleontologist. Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences (from 1960, corresponding member since 1953).[2]

His father was Alexander Fedorovich Orlov (1855–1940), member of Narodnaya Volya, official of Udel department of Vologda and Arkhangelskls Governorates. His mother was Vera Pavlovna Tumarkin (1862–1899), from Bessarabian Jewish merchants family, the older sister of Anna Tumarkin. She served as an otolaryngology doctor at St. Petersburg's Conservatory.

Orlov studied zoology and anatomy at the State University of St. Petersburg under A.A. Zavarzin. He then taught from 1916 to 1924 at the Medical Faculty of the University of Perm, during the Russian Civil War turmoil under some very difficult conditions. and from 1924 to 1935 at the Institute for Brain Research and the Military Medical Academy in Leningrad. At that time, he studied the nervous system of arthropods. From 1925 he devoted his research interests to paleontology, the old love of his youth, and joined A.A. Borisyack.. He taught at the Mining Academy in Leningrad and from 1939 at the Lomonosov State University in Moscow.

He was the chief editor of a fifteen-volume series "Fundamentals of paleontology." In 1967 he was awarded the Lenin Prize posthumously.

Director of the Paleontological Institute, The Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1945–1966).[3]

In 1955 he signed a Letter of Three Hundred against notorious Stalinist Trofim Lysenko.


Moscow Paleontological Museum is named after him in Moscow, Russia.

Scientific works

Main publications in other then Russian languages:

  • Orlov J. A. Die Innervation des Darmes der Insecten: (Larven von Lamellicorniern) // Z. wiss. Zool. 1924. Bd 122. H. 3/4. S. 452-502.
  • Orlov J. A. Die Innervation des Darmes des Flußkrebses // Z. Mikrosk.-anat. Forsch. 1925. Bd 4. H. 1. S. 101-148.
  • Orlov J. A. Über den histologischen Bau der Ganglien des Mundmagennervensystems der Insekten // Ibid. Bd 2. H. 1. S. 39-110.
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  • Orlov J. A. Über einige neue obersilurische Favositiden aus Ferghana // Centbl. Mineral. Geol. Paläont. 1931. Abt. B. 500-507.
  • Orlov J. A. Short guide to the exhibition for the XVII International geological congress // M.; L.: Acad. Sci. USSR, 1937. 29 p.
  • Orlov J. A. Tertiary mammals of Kazakhstan // J. of mammalogy, 1938. Vol. 19. N 4. P. 475-477.
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  • Orlov J. A. Florentino Ameghino y su contribución al desarrollo de la paleontología de los vertebrados // Homenaje a Ameghino en Moscú. Buenos Aires: IRC Argentina-URSS, 1954. P. 5-25.
  • Orlov J. A. A note on palaeontological institutions in the USSR // J. paleontol. Soc. India. 1956. Vol. 1. P. 92-93.
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  • Orlov J. A. Principal results of investigations in the palaeontology of vertebrates in the USSR // Congresso geológico internacional (XX ses. México, 1956): Resúmenes de los trabajos presentados. México: Talleres, 1956. P. 121.
  • Orlov J. A. Brithopodidae // Traité de Paléontologie: T. 6. Vol. 1. Paris: Masson et Compagnie, 1961. P. 70-79.
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  • Orlov J. A. Venyukovioidea // Ibid. P. 279-282.
  • Orlov J. A. Dans le monde des animaux anciens: Étude de la paléontologie des vertébrés. Paris: Bureau rech. geôl. minieres, 1962. 123 p.

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