Yuri Ilyich Druzhnikov

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Yuri Ilyich Druzhnikov (in Russian: Юрий Ильич Дружников) was born Yuri Izrailevich Alperovich on the 17 April 1933 in Moscow, USSR. He died on the 14 May 2008 in Davis, California.[1]

In his lifetime, he worked as an actor, a photographer, an editor, a journalist and travel correspondent, as an author and as a professor of Russian. He was also the vice-president of the American branch of the International PEN club.[2]


  • Informer 001: The Myth of Pavlik Morozov [Доносчик 001, или Вознесение Павлика Морозова] (1996)
  • Contemporary Russian Myths: A Skeptical View of the Literary Past (1999)
  • Prisoner of Russia [Узник России. По следам неизвестного Пушкина] (1998)
  • Angels on the Head of a Pin [Ангелы на кончике иглы] (2002)
  • Passport to Yesterday (2004)


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