Yury Solomin

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Yury Solomin
File:Юрий Соломин фото 2.jpg
Born Yury Mefodievich Solomin
(1935-06-18) June 18, 1935 (age 86)
Chita, Zabaykalsky Krai, USSR
Years active 1957 - present
Spouse(s) Olga Nikolaevna Solomina (born in 1931)
Children daughter Darya (born in 1965)

Yury Mefodievich Solomin (Russian: Ю́рий Мефо́диевич Соло́мин[1]; born 18 June 1935 in Chita) is a Soviet/Russian actor and director who has been art director of the Maly Theatre in Moscow since 1988. Minister of Culture of the RSFSR in 1990-1991.[2][3][4]


Solomin studied at the Malyi theatre school and joined its troupe in 1957. He was acclaimed as Khlestakov in Igor Ilyinsky's production of The Government Inspector (1966), Tsar Feodor in Tsar Feodor Ioannovich (1976), Slavin in TASS Is Authorized to Declare... TV series (1984), Nicholas II in Az Vosdam... (1990), and Famusov in his own production of Wit Works Woe (2000). Solomin was cast as a Russian imperial officer in many Soviet movies, including Akira Kurosawa's Dersu Uzala (1975), which won him a Japanese decoration for the outstanding contribution to the world culture (1993).

Solomin served as the Russian Minister of Culture from 1990 to 1992.[5] March 11, 2014 signed the appeal of culture of the Russian Federation in support of the policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine and Crimea.[6][7] In December 2015, he supported the policy of Vladimir Putin with respect to Ukraine and the annexation of the Crimea.[8]

His younger brother Vitaly Solomin (1941–2002) was also a noted actor.[9]

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