Yury Yaremenko

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Yury Vasilevich Yaremenko (1935 - 1996) was a respected Russian economist, member of the Academy of Sciences and Director of the Institute of Economic Forecasting.[1][2] He was also an adviser to the last premier of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev.

Yaremenko was a pessimist about perestroika. He saw that it would allowget out of ministries, especially the military, to escape central planning. Yaremenko believed, like Gorbachev, that the Soviet Union had to get out of the Cold War and convert defense spending into civilian production, but he believed this had to be done with tight central control and that the transition would take up to 75 years.

Yaremenko's writings were largely ignored by Gorbachev possibly because they were not comprehensible to him and perestroika was allowed to proceed.


  1. After his death, his scientific works were collected and published in Russian in three volumes by Nauka, the publishing house of the Academy of Sciences. In translation, the titles of the volumes are, 1. Theory and Methodology of Investigation of a Multilevel Economy (1997) 2, Forecasts of the Development of the National Economy and Variants of Economic Policy (1997) 3. Priorities of Structural Policies and Experience of Reforms (1999)
  2. During January to April of 1993 and again from May to September of 1996, S. A. Belanovski interviewed Yaremenko on economic subjects. The interviews were recorded and transcribed. In 1998, after Yaremenko's sudden death on September 17, 1996, these transcripts were published with only minor editing as Economic Conversations. In the introduction Belanovski provided a brief life of Yaremenko from which all biographical details in this article are taken unless otherwise indicated.