Zhenya-class minesweeper

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Class overview
Name: Zhenya class (Project 1252)
Operators:  Soviet Navy
Preceded by: Vanya class minesweeper
Succeeded by: Sonya class minesweeper
Built: 1960–1973
In commission: 1960–1990s
Completed: 3
Lost: 1
Retired: 2
General characteristics
Type: minesweeper
Displacement: 220 tons standard, 300 tons full load
Length: 42.4 meters
Beam: 7.9 meters
Draught: 1.8 meters
Propulsion: 2 shaft diesel engines 2400 hp
Speed: 16 knots (30 km/h)
Range: 2,400 nautical miles (4,444.8 km) at 10 knots (19 km/h)
Crew: 40
Sensors and
processing systems:
radar: Spin trough
  • 2 – 30mm guns
  • 8 mines
  • Sweeps MT-1, MTSh

The Zhenya class were a group of three minesweepers built for the Soviet Navy in the late 1960s.

The ships were a glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) hulled version of the Vanya class minesweeper

Three ships were built:

  • Komsmolets Turkmenii - blew up in August 1989
  • Komsomolets Buryatii - scrapped 1990s ?
  • BT-177 - scrapped 1990s ?

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