Ga–Fante War

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The Ga–Fante War in 1811 was a war fought by the Ashanti Confederacy, a powerful Akan kingdom of West Africa that was situated roughly in the territory of the present-day republic of Ghana.

It involved a series of battles between the Ashanti, also known as Asante, and their allies, the Ga people of Accra, against an alliance of the Akan states of the Fanti, Akyem and Akuapem. There was a series of conflicts with the Ashanti winning the initial battle, but were then forced to retreat because Akwapim/Akyem troops had adopted the use of guerilla tactics in the area now called the Akuapim Hills. Lack of knowledge of the local terrain put the Ashanti at a disadvantage. The combined Akwapim/Akyem troops, emboldened by their victory over the feared Ashanti, marched on to face colonial Europeans forces; they advanced on and captured a Dutch fort and a British fort at Apam and Tantamkweri respectively (both in the central coastal part of modern-day Ghana).

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