Ebelyakh Bay

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File:Siberia Ebell.png
Location of Ebelyakh Bay at the eastern end of the Laptev Sea.

The Ebelyakh Bay or Ebelyakhskaya Bay (Russian: Ebelyakhskaya Guba) is a bay in the Laptev Sea. It is located east of the Yana Bay region and southwest of the Laptev Strait.

The bay is 36 km in width and wide open to the northwest.

This bay is in a vast region of wetlands. Lake Bustakh, the largest lake in the neighboring area, lies 37 km inland from the shores of the bay. Owing to is northerly location the Ebelyakh Bay is covered with ice most of the year.

The Ebelyakh Bay and the area surrounding it belong to the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) administrative division of the Russian Federation.


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