Khroma River

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File:Siberia KSIA.png
Location of the Khroma-Sundrun Interfluvial Area; the Khroma River is on the left.

The Khroma River is a river in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) of the Russian Federation. It crosses the tundra roughly northeastwards and flows into Khromskaya Bay which is connected with the East Siberian Sea. Owing to its extreme northerly location the Khroma River freezes up in early October and remains icebound until June.


The Kytalyk Wetlands, located between the Khroma and the Sundrun River (Khroma-Sundrun Interfluvial Area) is an ecologically important area, providing a favorable habitat for many rare animals. The region is practically uninhabited and full of lakes and marshes. Wild reindeer, Siberian cranes, Canadian cranes, marsh sandpipers and Ross's gulls are abundant in the Khroma River wetlands.[1]

The lesser white-fronted goose,[2] brent goose, Bewick's swan and the spectacled eider are also found in the Khroma-Sundrun Interfluvial Area.[3]

Gold and tin mining upriver are affecting the ecology of the region by destroying fish and bird habitat.[4]


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