Omoloy River

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File:Siberia omoloy.png
Location of the Omoloy River in Siberia

The Omoloy River (Russian: Омолой) is a stream in Siberia east of the Lena River. It flows northwards across the tundra into the Laptev Sea. Its mouth is located in the eastern coast of the Buor-Khaya Gulf. The Omoloy River freezes up in October and stays under ice until late May or early June.

Latitude: 71.2269 N, Longitude: 131.9619 E

The basin of the Omoloy River is part of the Sakha (Yakutia) administrative region of Russia.

Its main tributaries are the Kuranah and the Arga Yuriah; both join the Omoloy from its left side more than halfway down its course.

The now extinct Beringian steppe bison used to have its habitat in the area of the Omoloy River. [1]


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