Pravda-class submarine

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Shadowgraph Pravda class IV series submarine.svg
Shadowgraph Pravda class IV series submarine mod.svg
Class overview
Operators:  Soviet Navy
In service: 1935 - 1956
In commission: - 1956
Completed: 3
Lost: 1
Retired: 3
General characteristics
  • 1200 tons surfaced
  • 1870 tons submerged
Length: 90.0 m
Beam: 8
Draught: 3.10
Propulsion: 2 shaft diesel electric, 5400 hp diesel, 1400 hp electric
  • surface - 20.5 kn (38.0 km/h)
  • submerged - 11.8 kn (21.9 km/h)
Range: 5,700 nmi (10,600 km) at 10 kn (19 km/h)
Test depth: 340 ft (100 m)
Complement: 54
  • 4 × bow torpedo tubes
  • 2 × stern torpedo tubes
  • (10 torpedoes)
  • 2 × 100 mm guns, 1 - 45mm guns,

The Pravda Class or P class submarines were built for the Soviet Navy in the mid-1930s. They originally served as training ships, then later served in World War II for mainly transport duties.[1] They were intended to operate with the surface fleet but failed to meet specifications, particularly for surface speed. The initial design envisaged 130mm guns for surface action. These boats had a long building time, being laid down in 1931 and completed in 1936.

They were double hull boats with 8 compartments. Their main shortcomings were underpowered machinery, a long diving time and poor seakeeping. Weakness in hull strength had to be remedied by stiffening and weight cutting. Yakubov and Worth state that these were the least successful Soviet submarines of this era and were relegated to secondary duties on completion. The two surviving boats had their conning towers re-built to resemble the later K class.


3 boats were built by Ordzhinikidze Yard Leningrad. All served with the Baltic Fleet.

  • P1 Pravda (Truth) - Launched 3 January 1934 - sunk off Hango, Finland, 17 September 1941
  • P2 Zvezda (Star) - Launched 1935 - Broken up 1956
  • P3 Iskra (Spark) - Launched 1934 - Broken up 1952

A fourth boat was planned but not laid down