Taui Bay

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Taui Bay
Тауйская губа
Taui Bay is located in Magadan Oblast
Taui Bay
Taui Bay
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Country Russian Federation
Federal subject Far Eastern Federal District
Oblast Magadan Oblast

Taui Bay (Russian: Тауйская губа; Tauyskaya Guba) is a body of water in the Sea of Okhotsk off the coast of the Magadan Oblast in Russia. The bay opens to the south.


It is some 130 km wide and 75 km long, and is enclosed by the Koni Peninsula with the Odyan Bay and Zavyalov Island on its eastern side and by Spafaryev Island on its southwestern end.

The enclosed area is ca. 10 000 km², and the average depth 50–60 m. The Arman, Ola, Yana and Taui rivers drain into the bay. The city of Magadan is situated the centrally at the end of the bay, on the shore of the smaller Nagayeva Bay.


Between 1853 and 1863, American whaleships frequented the bay, mainly targeting bowhead whales, but also taking gray whales on occasion.[1][2] The bark Isabella, of New Bedford, reported as many as thirty ships in the bay, all whaling.[3] These ships usually sought shelter to obtain wood and water, flense whales, or boil oil in Fabius Harbor, between the mainland and Fabius Island (Ostrov Nedorazumeniya),[4] or Jeannette Harbor (probably Nagayeva Bay), under Jeannette Point (Mys Chirikova).[5] Some traded calico for fresh salmon from the natives.[6]


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