Alsino and the Condor

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Alsino and the Condor
Alsino and the Condor movie poster.jpg
Cuban theatrical release poster
Directed by Miguel Littín
Produced by Ramiro Lacayo
Hernan Littin
Written by Miguel Littin
Tomas Perez Turrent
Isadora Aguirre
Starring Dean Stockwell
Alan Esquivel
Alejandro Parodi
Music by Leo Brouwer
Cinematography Jorge Herrera
Pablo Martinez
Release dates
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Running time
89 minutes
Country Nicaragua
Language Spanish

Alsino and the Condor (Spanish: Alsino y el cóndor) is a 1982 Nicaraguan film directed by Miguel Littín. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.[1] It won the Golden Prize at the 13th Moscow International Film Festival.[2] The film was a co-production between Nicaragua, Mexico and Cuba. The film is loosely based on the novel Alsino by Chilean writer Pedro Prado.

It was the comeback film of actor Dean Stockwell. Notable Cuban Director of Photography Jorge Herrera died during the production due to a brain hemorrhage.


  • Dean Stockwell as Frank
  • Alan Esquivel as Alsino
  • Carmen Bunster as Alsino's Grandmother
  • Alejandro Parodi as The Major
  • Delia Casanova as Rosaria
  • Marta Lorena Pérez as Lucia
  • Reynaldo Miravalles as Don Nazario, the Birdman
  • Marcelo Gaete as Lucia's Grandfather
  • Jan Kees De Roy as Dutch Adviser




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