Cape Billings

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Location of Cape Billings.

Cape Billings (Russian: Мыс Биллингса - Mys Billingsa), is a headland on the northern coast of Chukotka, Russian Federation to the west of Cape Schmidt.[1]


The shore in the area around Cape Billings is bounded by narrow landspits, beach ridges and swales enclosing a series of coastal inshore lagoons, with the De Long Strait lies north of this headland. The Chukchi settlement of Billings, is located close to the cape. There is a curious series of linked oval lakes of decreasing along the shore.


The Fuzzy hermit crab (Pagurus trigonocheirus) inhabits the waters off Cape Billings.[2]


This cape was named after British Captain Joseph Billings (1758–1806) who was at the service of the Russian Imperial Navy during Empress Catherine II of Russia's reign.


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