Chantalvergyrgyn River

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File:Chukchi Sea5CVG.png
Location of the Chantalvergyrgyn River course

The Chantalvergyrgyn River (Russian: Чантальвэргыргын), also called the Chantalveergyn, is a stream located in Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, in the Far East of Russia. It flows roughly northeastwards and then eastwards from Central Chukotka into the Amguyema River from its left side. Its source is very close to the Arctic Circle.

The Chantalvergyrgyn River passes through sparsely populated areas. Winters in its area are long and bitter, so that its surface remains frozen for over eight months every year. Salmon, whitefish, vendace, grayling, rainbow herring, pike, burbot, bull trout, and loach are common in its waters.

The Ekityki River is a right-side tributary of the Chantalvergyrgyn.

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