Decree of the President of Russia

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An Ukase of the President of the Russian Federation (Russian: Указ Президента Российской Федерации Ukaz Prezidenta Rossiyskoy Federatsii.) or Executive Order (Decree) of the President of Russia[1][2] is a legal act (ukase) with the status of a by-law made by the Russian president.

As normative legal acts, such ukazes have the status of by-laws in the hierarchy of legal acts (along with Decrees of the Government of the Russian Federation and instructions and directions of other officials). Presidential decrees may not alter existing laws of higher precedence - Russia's international agreements, the Constitution of Russia, Federal Constitutional Laws, Federal Laws, and laws of Russian regions - and may be superseded by any of these laws. For example, thanks to Article 15 of the Constitution of Russia, the European Convention on Human Rights, as an international document, has higher status than any Russian law or presidential executive order.[3]


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