Gerardus Everardus Tros

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Gerardus Everardus Tros
Born December 25, 1927
Died October 18, 2011
Nationality Dutch

Gerardus Everardus Tros (December 25, 1927 – October 18, 2011) is a metaphysical philosopher and writer. His body of work containing writings from the last thirty years, is available on his website.

Gerardus was born in the City of Hoorn, The Netherlands on December 25, 1927. His education was partly interrupted because of the German occupation. Self study and evening classes helped to overcome this lack. At the age of fourteen he started work and became familiar with the electrical trade. Eventually he became an Electrical Supervisor.

In 1957 at the age of 29 he immigrated to Edmonton, Canada, where he found work at a Power Generation Station and in his later years worked on the engineering staff of an electrical control division. In 1983 he retired and spent most of his time refining his metaphysical writing abilities. He produced seven manuscripts and more than 700 poems or compositions. Two of his books were self-published and some of his work has been contributed to the CompuServe Libraries.

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