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The hotel Bühlerhöhe Castle ("the Bühl Height")

Language speaks (in the original German Die Sprache spricht), is a famous saying by Martin Heidegger. Heidegger first formulated it in his 1950 lecture Language (Die Sprache),[1] and frequently repeated it in later works.[2]

Adorno expressed a related idea when he said that language "acquires a voice" and "speaks itself."[3]

The Language lecture

The saying was first formulated by Heidegger in the lecture Language (Die Sprache) in memory of Max Kommerell, first delivered on October 7, 1950 at the Bühlerhöhe building.[4] The lecture was translated in English by Albert Hofstadter in the 1971 Heidegger collection Poetry, Language, Thought.[5]

Quoting a Hamann's 1784 letter to Herder, Heidegger talks of language as an "abyss."

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