Assembly of French Polynesia

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Assembly of French Polynesia
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The Assembly of French Polynesia (French: Assemblée de la Polynésie française, Tahitian: Te âpooraa rahi o te fenua Māòhi) is the unicameral legislature of French Polynesia, located at the Place Tarahoi in Papeete, Tahiti. It consists of 57 members who are elected by popular vote and by proportional representation in 6 multi-seat constituencies. The only official language of the Assembly is French.[1] The last elections were held on May 23, 2004. The number of seats was changed from 49 seats to 57 seats for the May 23, 2004, election. On February 13, 2005, by-elections for the Assembly in the electoral constituency of the Windward Islands (circonscription des Îles du Vent) were held (see also French Polynesian legislative election, 2004, Politics of French Polynesia and List of political parties in French Polynesia). The next elections are to be held May 2009.

The members of the Assembly of French Polynesia are elected in 6 different multi-seat constituencies or electoral districts or electoral circumscriptions (circonscriptions électorales). Every electoral circumsription of French Polynesia is represented in the Assembly of French Polynesia by at least 3 representatives. Since the territorial elections of March 6, 2001, the parity bill now binds that the number of women matches the number of men at the Assembly.

The 6 electoral circumscriptions (circonscriptions électorales) are:

  • electoral circumscription of the Windward Islands (circonscription des Îles du Vent) (37 members)
  • electoral circumscription of the Leeward Islands (circonscription des Îles Sous-le-Vent) (8 members)
  • electoral circumscription of the Austral Islands (circonscription des Îles Australes) (3 members)
  • electoral circumscription of the Gambier Islands and the Islands Tuamotu-East (circonscription des Îles Gambier et Tuamotu Est) (3 members)
  • electoral circumscription of the Islands Tuamotu-West (circonscription des Îles Tuamotu Ouest) (3 members)
  • electoral circumscription of the Marquesas Islands (circonscription des Îles Marquises) (3 members)

The Assembly is responsible for electing the President of French Polynesia.

President of the Assembly of French Polynesia


  Party/Alliance Votes % Seats Total
  To Tatou Ai'a (Our Home)
55,227 41.19 23 27
  Te Niu Hau Manahune 2,502 1.87 2
  Te Henua Enata a Tu 2,773 2.07 2
  Union for Democracy*
48,403 36.10 19 20
  Tapura Amui No Te Faatereraa Manahune – Tuhaa Pae* 1,448 1.08 1
  Tahoera'a Huiraatira (Popular Rally)* 23,021 17.17 10
  Te Henua Enana Kotoa 497 0.37
  Te Ao Hou No Oe 171 0.13
  Te Ati o Te Henau Enana 44 0.03
Total 134,086 100.00 57
Source: Haut-Commissariat de la République en Polynésie française
† These parties only contested the election in the constituency of the Marquesas Islands; the Union for Democracy and Tahoera'a Huiraatira also contested the election in that constituency, and as a second round was not necessary there, the total numbers reflect the results of the first round in the Marquesas Islands and the results of the second round in all the other constituencies.

To Tatou Ai'a did not contest the elections in Tuamotu Islands West and the Marquesas Islands; Te Niu Hau Manahune contested Tuamotu West for the alliance.

The Union for Democracy did not contest the elections in the Austral Islands; Tapura Amui No Te Faatereraa Manahune – Tuhaa Pae contested the constituency for the alliance.


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