1907 Isle of Man TT

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File:Norton TT 1907 01.jpg
Rem Fowler on the Peugeot-engined Norton, winner of the twin-cylinder race

The 1907 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy marked the first of the TT races. They took place on 28 May 1907 over the Short Course, consisting of a circuit progressing from St John'sBallacraineKirk MichaelPeelSt John's. The race was ten laps of the 15 mile 1,430 yards course, a total race distance of 158.125 miles.

It was at 10am on the Tuesday 28 May 1907 that 25 riders started in pairs in a time-trial format for the road-legal touring motorcycles with exhaust silencers, saddles, pedals and mud-guards.[1] On lap 1, Jack Marshall riding a Triumph suffered a fall and F. Applebee Junior a puncture to his 5 hp Rex machine. By lap 2, Stanley Webb riding a 5 hp Triumph had to stop at St. Johns to adjust a belt and retired on lap 3 with an engine exhaust-valve problem.[2] At the compulsory 10‑minute replenishment stop, Oliver Godfrey had to retire when his 5 hp Rex motorcycle caught fire.[3]

The single-cylinder class race was won by Charles R. Collier riding a Matchless in 4 hours, 8 minutes and 8 seconds at an average race speed of 38.21 mph. His brother Harry Collier, also riding a Matchless, had problems with an engine seizure on lap 2 and eventually retired on lap 9.[3]

The twin-cylinder class and overall race was initially led by Rem Fowler riding a Norton. On lap 1, Fowler completed the course in 23 minutes and 19 seconds, in second place was Billy Wells in a time of 23 minutes and 21 seconds and Charlie Collier in the single-cylinder class with a time of 23 minutes and 45 seconds. The overall lead fell away as Fowler suffered a number of problems with drive-belts and spark-plugs, and on lap 7 crashed at nearly 60 mph due to a burst tyre at the "Devils Elbow" on the Kirk Michael to Peel section of the course.[4] Fowler nearly gave up, but was told by a spectator that he led the twin-cylinder class by 30 minutes from Wells and went on to win at an average race speed of 36.22 mph and set the fastest lap of the race at 42.91 mph.

Single Cylinder race

Tuesday 28 May 1907 – 10 laps (158 ⅛ miles) St. John's Short Course.

Rank No Rider Team Speed Time
1 4 United Kingdom Charlie Collier 3½ hp Matchless 38.21 mph 4:08.08.2
2 2 United Kingdom Jack Marshall 3½ hp Triumph 36.60 mph 4:19.47.3
3 1 United Kingdom Frank Hulbert 3½ hp Triumph 35.50 mph 4:27.49.4
4 5 United Kingdom R. M. Brice 3½ hp Brown 31.40 mph 5:03.55.2
5 14 German Empire Martin Geiger 3½ hp NSU 30.60 mph 5:10.26.0
6 8 United Kingdom J. C. Smyth 3½ hp Rex 29.40 mph 5:23.40.3
7 11 United Kingdom R. W. Ayrton 3½ hp Coventry 29.10 mph 5:30.26.0
8 10 United Kingdom F. W. Applebee 3½ hp Rex 27.40 mph 5:46.31.0
ret 17 United Kingdom J. P. Le Grand 3 hp GB
ret 6 United Kingdom F. Winter 4 hp ROC
ret 16 United Kingdom Stanley Webb 3½ hp Triumph
ret 15 United Kingdom Tom Silver 3 hp GB
ret 9 United Kingdom W. A. Jacobs 3½ hp Rex
ret 19 German Empire G. Horner 4 hp JAP
ret 12 United Kingdom J. D. Hamilton 3½ hp NSU
ret 18 United Kingdom R. W. Duke 3½ hp Triumph
ret 3 United Kingdom Harry Collier 3½ hp Matchless


  • J.P.Le Grand finished course outside of time.
  • S. Webb retired lap 3.
  • T. Silver retired lap 7.
  • W.A.Jacobs retired lap 1 after an accident.

Twin Cylinder race

Tuesday 28 May 1907 – 10 laps (158 ⅛ miles) St. John's Short Course.

Rank No Rider Team Speed Time
1 22 United Kingdom Rem Fowler Peugeot-Norton 36.21 mph 4:21.52.8
2 21 United Kingdom W. H. 'Billy' Wells Vindec 32.30 mph 4:53.44.5
3 26 United Kingdom W. M. Heaton Rex 30.50 mph 5:11.03.5
4 United Kingdom J. A. Dent Vindec
ret United Kingdom T. H. Tessier BAT
ret United Kingdom H. Martin Kerry
ret United Kingdom Oliver Godfrey Rex
ret United Kingdom Frank A Applebee Rex


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