8th Army Corps (Ukraine)

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8th Army Corps
8-й армійський корпус
Patch of the 8th Army Corps
Active 1 December 1993[1] – 15 March 2015
Country  Ukraine
Branch Ukrainian Ground Forces1993 - Pres
Type Corps
Role Rapid reaction[2]
Garrison/HQ Chernihiv Oblast
Kiev Oblast
Lviv Oblast
Zhytomyr Oblast[3]
Anniversaries 6 June 1946[3]
Decorations Order of the Red Star
Commanding officer Lieutenant General Petro Lytvyn
Second-in-command Major General Victor Myzhenko[4]

The 8th Army Corps was one of three army corps of the Ukrainian Ground Forces. The Corps was headquartered in Zhytomyr, Ukraine. In 2015 all army corps were dissolved and their units were transferred under jurisdiction of the operation command.

On 1 December 1993, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the 8th Army Corps was formed by the redesignation of the 8th Tank Army. The 23rd Tank Division at Ovruch became the 6065th Base for Storage of Weapons and Equipment and the 117th Training Tank Division later became the 119th District Training Centre. The 30th Tank Division became a Ukrainian mechanised brigade.



Rank Name Position held
Start End
Lieutenant General Oleh Romanenko[6] June 1993 January 1997
Major General Viacheslav Zabolotnyi[6] February 1997 May 2000
Lieutenant General Hryhoriy Pedchenko[6] May 2000 December 2002
Major General Anatoliy Pushniakov[6] December 2002 November 2004
Lieutenant General Serhiy Ostrovskyi[6] November 2004 May 2010
Major General Viktor Muzhenko May 2010 May 2012
Lieutenant General Petro Lytvyn May 2012


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