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Belarusian: Светлаго́рск
Russian: Светлого́рск
In the center of town.
In the center of town.
Flag of Svietlahorsk[1]
Official seal of Svietlahorsk[1]
Nickname(s): Svietly (The Bright), Belarusian: Светлы
Svietlahorsk[1] is located in Belarus
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Country  Belarus
Region Flag of Нomieĺskaja Voblasć. Gomel
Raion Svetlahorsk
The first written mention 1560
 • Total 25.85 km2 (9.98 sq mi)
Elevation 131 m (430 ft)
Population (2015)
 • Total 68,593
 • Density 2,796/km2 (7,240/sq mi)
Time zone EET (UTC+3)
Postal code 24743х (Russian)
Area code(s) 375 (0) (2342) (Russian)
License plate 3
Website Official website (Russian)

Svietlahorsk (Belarusian: Светлаго́рск, [sʲvʲetɫaˈɣorsk], Svetlogorsk (Russian: Светлого́рск), until 1961 Šacilki, Belarusian: Шацілкі) is a town in the Svietlahorsk District of Gomel Region of Belarus, the administrative center of the rajon (district). It is located by the Berezina River and has 68,593 inhabitants (2015 estimate).

Svietlаhorsk-na-Biarezinie (Svietlаhorsk on Biarezina) is also a railroad station on the ZhlobinKalinkavichy railway line.


Within Svietlahorsk there are many industrial activities and organizations. They include: the power plant, a chemical man-made fiber plant, a reinforced concrete industrial complex, a Petroleum producing industry, a pulp and paper milk industry, butter-making factory, a bakery, and an industrial college.


Within Svietlahorsk there is an Orthodox church and cathedral, a Catholic church, a quay, and a museum of local lore.


Svietlahorsk is the region worst affected by HIV-AIDS in Belarus. Although the city accounts for less than 1% of the population of Belarus, it accounts for close to 30% of all the reported cases of HIV infections.[3][4] Around 6% of the adult population in Svietlahorsk is HIV positive.[5]

Twin towns


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