Soyuz TMA-10M

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Soyuz TMA-10M
File:Soyuz TMA-10M spacecraft approaches the ISS.jpg
Soyuz TMA-10M spacecraft approaches the ISS, 26 September 2013
Mission type ISS crew rotation
Operator Roskosmos
COSPAR ID 2013-054A
SATCAT № 39263
Mission duration 166 days, 6 hours, 26 minutes
Spacecraft properties
Spacecraft Soyuz 11F732A47 No.710
Spacecraft type Soyuz-TMA 11F747
Manufacturer RKK Energia
Crew size 3
Members Oleg Kotov
Sergey Ryazansky
Michael Hopkins
Callsign Pulsar
Start of mission
Launch date 25 September 2013, 20:58:50 (2013-09-25UTC20:58:50Z) UTC[1]
Rocket Soyuz-FG
Launch site Baikonur 1/5
End of mission
Landing date 11 March 2014, 03:24 (2014-03-11UTC03:25Z) UTC
Orbital parameters
Reference system Geocentric
Regime Low Earth
Perigee 420 kilometres (260 mi)[2]
Apogee 424 kilometres (263 mi)[2]
Inclination 51.65 degrees[2]
Period 92.87 minutes[2]
Epoch 27 September 2013, 01:37:25 UTC[2]
Docking with ISS
Docking port Poisk zenith
Docking date 26 September 2013, 02:45 UTC
Undocking date 11 March 2014, 00:02 UTC
Time docked 165 days, 21 hours, 17 minutes

Soyuz TMA-10M crew.jpg
(l-r) Hopkins, Kotov and Ryazansky

Soyuz programme
(Manned missions)
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Soyuz TMA-10M was a 2013 flight to the International Space Station. It transported three members of the Expedition 37 crew to the International Space Station. TMA-10M is the 119th flight of a Soyuz spacecraft, the first flight launching in 1967. The Soyuz remained on board the space station for the Expedition 38/39 increment to serve as an emergency escape vehicle.


File:Soyuz TMA-10M crew at the Kremlin Wall.jpg
The Soyuz TMA-10M crew members conduct their ceremonial tour of Red Square on 6 September 2013.
Position[3][4] Crew Member
Commander Russia Oleg Kotov, RSA
Expedition 37
Third spaceflight
Flight Engineer 1 Russia Sergey Ryazansky, RSA
Expedition 37
First spaceflight
Flight Engineer 2 United States Michael Hopkins, NASA
Expedition 37
First spaceflight

Backup crew

Position[5] Crew Member
Commander Russia Aleksandr Skvortsov, RSA
Flight Engineer 1 Russia Oleg Artemyev, RSA
Flight Engineer 2 United States Steven Swanson, NASA


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