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Seal of the Attorney General of Tennessee

The Tennessee Attorney General (officially, Attorney General and Reporter) is a position within the Tennessee state government. The Attorney General is the chief law enforcement officer and lawyer for Tennessee. Unlike any other state, the Tennessee Attorney General is an officer of the judicial branch, being appointed by the justices of the Tennessee Supreme Court, rather than the Governor, or being elected by popular vote or vote of the legislature, for a term of eight years.[1] The current office holder is Herbert Slatery, who was appointed by the Tennessee Supreme Court for an eight-year term in 2014 to fill that position. His service officially began with his swearing in by Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, a close personal friend whom he had previously served as legal counsel, on October 1, 2014. [2]

Attorneys general

# Name Tenure Party
1 George T. Yerger 1831–1839
2 Return J. Meigs III 1839
3 West Hughes Humphreys 1839–1851
4 William Graham Swan 1851–1854
5 John L.T. Sneed 1854–1859
6 John W. Head 1859–1862
7 Thomas M. Coldwell 1865–1870
8 Joseph Brown Heiskell 1870–1878
9 Benjamin J. Lea 1878–1886
10 George W. Pickle 1886–1902
11 Charles T. Cates, Jr. 1902–1913
12 Frank M. Thompson 1913–1926
13 Charles L. Cornelius 1926
14 L. D. Smith 1926–1932
15 Roy H. Beeler 1932–1954
16 George F. McCanless 1954–1969
17 David M. Pack 1969–1974
18 Milton P. Rice 1974
19 R.A. Ashley, Jr. 1974–1976
20 Brooks McLemore 1976–1978
21 William M. Leech, Jr. 1978–1984
22 W.J. Michael Cody 1984–1988
23 Charles Burson 1988–1997
24 John Knox Walkup 1997–1999
25 Paul G. Summers 1999–2006
26 Robert E. Cooper, Jr. 2006–2014 Democratic
27 Herbert Slatery 2014–present Republican


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