Elizabeth F. Neufeld

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Elizabeth F. Neufeld
Born Elizabeth Fondal
(1928-09-27) September 27, 1928 (age 94)
Paris, France
Fields Genetics
Institutions Jackson Laboratory
Notable awards Dickson Prize (1975)
Wolf Prize
Albert Lasker Award for Clinical Medical Research
William Allan Award (1982)
Elliott Cresson Medal (1984)
National Medal of Science (1994)

Elizabeth Fondal Neufeld (born September 27, 1928) is an American geneticist whose research has focused on the genetic basis of metabolic disease in humans.[1]


Neufeld and her Russian Jewish family emigrated to the United States from Paris in 1940; they had left Europe as refugees to escape Nazi persecution.[2] The family settled in New York, where she attended Hunter College High School before graduating from Queens College in 1948 with a Bachelor of Science. She went on to work as a research assistant at the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine looking at blood disorders in mice. Later on, she attended graduate school at University of California, Berkeley, where she earned a Ph.D. in 1956 for her work on nucleotides and complex carbohydrates.

Neufeld has been widely recognized for her contributions to science. She has been awarded the Wolf Prize, the Albert Lasker Award for Clinical Medical Research, and was awarded the National Medal of Science in 1994 "for her contributions to the understanding of the lysosomal storage diseases, demonstrating the strong linkage between basic and applied scientific investigation."[3]

Neufeld retired in 2004 from UCLA as Chair of the Department of Biological Chemistry, a position she occupied since 1984.[4]

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